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Experience the difference
Traditional approaches to physical therapy often feel clinical and remote. Ours is highly connected and personal. While it’s important to have the right
equipment and science-based methodologies in place, being able to relate to you is essential.

Invested in you
Rather than isolating a specific body part and prescribing a process, we treat the whole person. This means taking the time to discuss your goals and the outcome you most desire. That way we can identify your “gap” (the distance between your problem and the solution you have in mind). Our investment in getting to know the pain or
challenges you’re facing makes all the difference when developing a
successful, personalized approach to treatment. More importantly, it can help us close your gap, once and for all.

Empowering patients
This may seem hard to believe, but it’s in your hands…you possess the solution. Our professionals simply offer a guiding hand—you bring about the actual results. Working one-to-one, or with our team, you’ll quickly see how good it feels to Get Better. Whether you’re here in our office or at home, success begins and ends with you.

Power in numbers
We take a team-based approach to treatment and training. Because no single therapist holds all of the answers, we collaborate in order to gain the best perspective and achieve the optimal solution. Teamwork is what helps make us, and you, better.

Preparing for your visit
We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment to fill out some brief paperwork. Your first appointment will last from 45-60 minutes during which we will ask about your past medical history and your current symptoms. We will ask you to go through some basic motions to see where your limitations may be, and this will guide your treatment. In order to expedite the process you have the option of filling out the necessary paperwork online prior to your appointment. Just follow this link and it will direct you to the proper forms. We dislike paperwork as much as you do, but want to learn as much as possible to provide the best treatment.