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Our approach to musculoskeletal care is based on the principles of Applied Functional Science™. . . A holistic movement system to access, restore and enhance any-body’s natural capacity to move comfortably and work efficiently. Sustainable results come quickly as underlying biomechanical causes are found, fixed, and freed naturally.

We treat impairments throughout the entire body; literally head to toe. Understanding the interconnectedness or the various systems of the body guides us from the complaint to the cause of your impairment and helps us to reach our goal which is to help you reach yours.


Guiding our clients through their recovery following surgery is one of the most rewarding opportunities that we have. We are blessed with many highly skilled surgeons in our area and understand the mportance of a working partnership with them. Open communication and a solid understanding or the surgeon’s expectations and desires for each of their patients allow us to see exceptional results with our post surgical clients.


Our therapist have been trained in a variety of manual therapy (hands-on) techniques and more importantly know when and how to apply them. ASTYM, ART, muscle energy and craniosacral techniques are all “tools in the toolbox” for our therapist.


Return to work with confidence. Worker compensation injuries/illnesses present special considerations; safety, productivity, quality, physical tolerance, effort, and sustainability, as well as job security. We know work, workers, and work-ready.


Just like strength and mobility, good balance is fundamental to maintaining your desired functional movement and ability. Balance also can be and needs to be trained and challenged to restore it to its full potential when it is compromised due to injury or aging. We take a full body approach to improving your balance by addressing multiple joints and muscle groups to improve your safe circle of function.

We also treat vertigo associated with an inner ear condition called Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).


“When the foot hits the ground everything changes”. These profound words were first presented several decades ago but they still hold true today. There are no perfect feet and some feet are so far from perfect that they need an corrective foot bed (an orthotic) to improve the foot-ground interface. Our orthotic services range from simple to complex. We can assist you by recommending an over-the-counter shoe insert to evaluating and fitting you for a semi-custom orthotic to casting and fitting you for a custom orthotic depending on your needs.