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Sports Conditioning for Junior High and High School Students


The NG360 performance analysis system is a scientific process of analysis and training aimed at enhancing the athleticism and performance of golfers at any skill level. The performance analysis and training techniques deliver consistent improvement of golf specific athleticism and performance.

It starts with a 3D swing analysis with the goal of finding faults in your personal swing mechanics. This is followed by an analysis of transformational zone motion and motion and stability of each key body part during the backswing and follow-through. These findings are summed up and used to develop a 3D functional performance training program which is individualized.

It is our goal to help you better yourself and better your game by bringing innovation and inspiration to every golf athlete.

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Adequate preparation for your upcoming sports season should begin months in advance.  Success in all sports begins with developing a stable core then building upon that.  Our dynamic approach to core strengthening allows for integrated, multi-joint exercises that not only improve athletic performance but also decrease the risk of injury associated with your particular sport.

The repeated demands of starting a new sport as well as the long duration of many sport seasons can lead to overuse injuries that can force an athlete to rest and often miss several weeks of a season.  Proper pre-season conditioning reduces that risk and allows you to stay in the game!


Each sport has different demands for duration of activity, recovery time and movement requirements. Sport-specific drills and conditioning that address these demands allow the athlete to practice, and in turn, improve his or her response to these demands.  Some sports require power and some requires speed, some require agility while others require endurance.  Sport-specific training leads to physical enhancement during sport-specific situations.  We can help you be the best you can be at your sport.


Prevention of any type of injury requires understanding cause and managing risks. When it come to ACL injuries, prevention begins with understanding the volumes of research that exists on mechanisms of injury and appreciating how every athletes individual structure and abilities may put them at even greater risk.

The right combination of training drills that seeks to improve balance, power and agility have proven to decrease the risk of suffering an ACL injury.  At Eagle PT, our trainers working together with or Physical Therapist have created a training program that cannot only enhance athletic performance but can also improve neuromuscular conditioning and muscular reactions that ultimately leads to a decrease risk of ACL injury.


One of the long lasting myths in sports is “That you can’t train speed”, well frankly that just isn’t true.  Of course all athletes are unique and are born with natural talents… not everyone can run a 10 second 100 meter dash or a 4 minute mile…but all athletes have the capacity to improve and have untapped potential.  Speed is one of the most critical elements in any sport and maximizing your speed can be the difference between making the team or not, or getting a scholarship or not.  Our specialty is speed!  We understand the critical elements needed to reach your potential. The added benefit of improving your speed is improved explosiveness, vertical jump and agility.  Nothing will create a greater gap between you and your competition than improving your speed!