Functional Manual Reaction™

Functional Manual Reaction™ is the name that the Gray Institute uses to describe the application of hands to bone segments in order to facilitate an optimal sequence of motion during a functional movement. FMR is used during the clinical tasks of movement assessment, functional training, and rehabilitation. This is an active technique used with the client while they are moving. It can be used to eliminate identified movement restrictions and to restore the proper sequencing of bone movements that is essential to effective and efficient task performance.

FMR is frequently used to increase the load to a muscle during an eccentric contraction in order to enhance the muscle’s concentric power. The proprioceptive information (direct by the hands, and indirection through the joint motion and muscle lengthening) must be what the body receives during actual functional activities.

FMR shares some aspects of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF). PNF and FMR emphasize the three- dimensional nature of human movement, the role of hand contact in guiding bone movement, and the potential to increase muscle activation.

FMR, in contrast to PNF, is most commonly used with the client in an upright position so that the load and proprioceptive input produced by gravity are consistent with the functional activity. If you are in the Eagle, Boise, Meridian or Star areas and would like for information, contact us today.