What is Applied Functional Science?

Applied Functional Science (AFS) is a distinctive and integrated approach to evaluation, rehabilitation, training, and conditioning that enhances neuro-muscular-skeletal comfort and performance for people of all ages and conditions. AFS trained physical therapists are able to find the biomechanical faults and compensations to focus on root causes instead of merely the symptoms. Leveraging the proven and trusted principles of the physical, biological, and behavioral sciences, AFS uses natural three dimensional movement strategies to subconsciously normalize biomechanical chain reaction efficiency and effectiveness.

AFS produces accelerated results that are measureable and sustainable. We’ve all heard every action leads to a reaction, that is especially true in the human body. One faulty part, leads to many faulty parts and then possibly pain, degeneration, injury, or non-healing. An AFS trained physical therapist has unique training to find that faulty part, evaluate how it has affected the rest of your body, and the unique ability to fix it correctly.

What is the difference?

Traditional medicine treats the part and Functional Medicine (AFS) treats the person. For example, when treating a painful knee:

  • Traditional Medicine:
    • Focus: What part of the knee is damaged or weak.
    • Analysis: the knee and its parts only.
    • Treatment: improve or strengthen that part of the knee.
  • Functional Approach:
    • Focus: what caused the knee to weaken or degenerate.
    • Analysis: you and the way you move and how it affects your knee, from the foot all the way to the head.
    • Treatment: correct the problem that caused the knee issue as opposed to simply treating the symptoms.

If you have had a problem or pain that no one has been able to figure out, give an AFS clinician at Eagle Physical Therapy a try. Let them find your weakest link and correct the problem. If you are in the Eagle, Boise, Meridian or Star areas and would like for information, contact us today.